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“ The Jinni

Around her in a dark night, the small children of the family were gathered in a circle. Behind my grandmother, there was a picture of date-palms hanged on the wall. Cutting the quiet, she said “There was a jinni called…” Dreadful feelings went through out the children’s body as the mention of the word “jinni.” Eyes were closed. Fear knocked at their hearts because they knew my grandmother was going to tell a scary story. “Golden hair glowed from her enormous head that you could see her in the darkness,” my grandmother completed her story. Horrible, angry wind hit a window in the setting-room. I could not move and I was frozen in my place.

Jalila, was the oldest child among us, had covered herself with a dark cotton blanket to hide from the jinni. “Cold, isn’t it?” Jalila said. Letting her fear fly to the sky, she went to drink some water. My grandmother continued her tale, “The jinni does not like naughty children because at night she prefers to play alone and she does not like anyone to disturb her.” Nodding my head, I would never play at night, never! Stupid jinni! Why wouldn’t she want children to play at night?

One, two, three…, I closed my eyes whishing all the jnnies to die and vanish from the earth. People don’t believe in the existence of jinn but I do. “Quiet. Quiet!” My grandmother shouted at my younger brother to sit calmly; lest he disturbed the ugly jinni. Right to my hand, my cousin listened very carefully to the story because he wanted to remember the story forever. Soon, it would be nine o’clock and I had to go to sleep but the story had not been finished.

Tonight, I hoped that the jinni was playing in another village. Ultimately, I was happy that my grandmother had shared the story with us because it is part of our Omani tradition and culture. Voices were shut down, and we had all frozen in our places; even my grandmother did not move. Wedad scared us because she wore a black a’bia and knocked on the door so all of us thought that she was the jinni from the story.  X and Y, we all of us turned to black and white from fear. Yelling all together while my brother cried with tears. Zealous intention came to me to hit Wedad in her head and if I could ask the jinni to come and slap Wedad, I would ask her to do so.