Hateful Things!
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  •  One is in a hurry to catch up with an important appointment with a VIP, Very Important Person, meets an old friend in his way to the appointment. He spends a long time chatting about his new achievements and forgets for a while about his most important thing; his appointment! He runs without saying “Good bye” and finds himself alone in the meeting hall. They all have left. What a hateful situation!
  • One hates to lie and cover his brothers’ blunders, but sometimes he is forced to do so when he is threatened by his old siblings who usually will say “Do you remember when you stole some candies from uncle Mansoor’s shop?” and you will remain silent while looking at them with your sparkling eyes. What a hateful nightmare!
  • You are standing in front of a mirror watching some drops of sweat falling slowly from your forehead. You have washed your face with cold water to refresh after doing all the house chores. Suddenly, your little children came from the garden and their legs and hands are covered with mud. They turn tables, chairs and sofas upside down. Hands’ figures of mud are on the walls, windows and doors. Hateful view!
  • Feeling very sick; you have to go to the hospital. The smell is awful there; the smell of Dettol is everywhere and in everything. You cannot breathe very well. You have to wait in a long queue. You get sicker and promise not to come again. Hateful day!
  • You have arranged an appointment and you have waited for more than an hour before the appointment’s time. You have cancelled all of your work just to be there on time and finally you are relieved to see your instructor coming but he informed you that he has an appointment to see a doctor. This can be annoying but at the end of the day you will forget.
  • When you live in the countryside, it is very hateful to smell smoke rather than the odor of flowers and roses. You feel furious and start screaming and shouting at those who made a fire next to your peaceful home. Allah only knows what you will do if you have a gun.
  • It is very hateful when you are very eager to see some red blossoms are about to bloom and you frequently go to see if any one of them has done. To your harrow, every time some flowers bloom, someone took them before you. Till you decide to sleep all the night next to your flower -trees so you will get them first, but it is useless, goats eat them and run away before you can see them. Hateful cold night!
  • Flies are the most disgusting creatures in this earth because they fly around you making a spiral of air and they cause a lot of embarrassment when they fly near your nose while you are talking to someone. Shame on you flies!
  • You and I hate liars. They waste our time. They fill our heads with rubbish, make our life dark and full of pessimistic.
  • Someone has not slept the whole night because she was looking after her sick child. The next day, when she becomes very drowsy and about to sleep, a neighbor calls for a help and she for sure cannot say “No!” Oh how painful!
  • An old woman is telling a traditional story to the children of the family before they get into sleep when a late child entered and asked her to repeat the story again and then another child came late and do the same –what a nasty and horrible behavior!
  • Very hateful are mice when they eat all the dates that have been stored for winter.
  • I detest hearing dogs barking near our home especially when it is midnight. The dogs seem to me barking to gather evil spirits.
  • I cannot stand those people who enter my room without knocking or even greeting me. They enter, take what they want and then leave.
  • A lady has finished baking cupcakes and she is very pleased that she forgets to taste one of them. She is very proud of herself until she hears the guests shout of who has made those bad cupcakes. She feels embarrassed and wears a shameful smile. She goes out apologizing that her child put salt in the dough rather than sugar!
  • It is very hateful when you want to use a device and it does not work when needed. You get angry and furious; holding the device and breaking it to many pieces and finally you discover that you have not connected it to the electricity.